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When home and office environments become 

uninspiring, stale, cluttered and need to be revamped, 

I provide assistance that is focused on creating a refreshed, peaceful, and inspiring atmosphere

without having to make a lot of expensive purchases.

Using your current furnishings and decor,

we'll engage in a process to

rethink, rearrange, and revive your space.

Using Feng Shui tools and perspectives, I will draw a special map of your space, which will help to illuminate the path of action and provide guidance around:

where to put your stuff,

what isn't serving you any longer, and

how to decorate various areas in your space in a way that maximizes a positive flow of energy.

The actual work of rearranging is a process through which you will receive guidance, encouragement, and support.

It's so wonderful to discover how much more efficiently

you can live and move in your space 

...and it's REALLY wonderful to discover how your life can be so positively impacted by a few simple shifts in your surroundings!

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Using your primary or secondary home as a new source of income may seem like an easy option, but really requires experience and knowledge of how to protect your property, space and private items while still providing a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere for your renters. Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to completely re-design and decorate many properties into turnkey vacation rentals.  I have also managed several listings and actual properties, so I know all the ins and outs of what's involved!  Allow me to share my checklists, tips, and educated/experienced perspective so that your rentals can gain 5 star reviews right out of the gate, while saving you loads of stress and headache!


Whether you're looking to stage your property for photos for real estate listings, for rental listings, or for real estate showings, my skill set applies! Using a practical approach, I'll focus on the strengths of what's already onsite and lend items from my inventory as needed.

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HOME: Services


Flowers and plants are the most immediate and effective way to enlighten your space! If you don't have a green thumb, I can offer practical suggestions about what plants are low maintenance, and where to put them. Additionally or alternatively, using locally sourced cut flowers (maybe even from your own yard!) I  can adorn just the right areas of your space with arrangements for special occasions...OR, show YOU how and where!

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HOME: About Me

About Me

A summary of the various influences that contribute to the services I provide today:

-My mother, who gave me awareness of the kind of energy that resides in every space

-My three, Gold level IFSG (International Feng Shui Guild) Feng Shui Certifications

-My BA in psychology

-My participation in loads of art and design classes throughout all of my education and adult years

-My roommate in college, who once described me as having the ability to "make anything look good." (I am grateful for the confidence that compliment gave to me!) 

-My career as a social worker

-My various jobs in hospitality

-My entrepreneurial business endeavors in photography, a cafe, 2 flower shops, a floral and event design company, and a multi unit vacation rental home business (UNDOUBTEDLY, these endeavors are where I have learned the most!)

-My job as a dedicated, private florist and interior landscaper for a private estate

-My certification as a Holistic Health Coach

-My certification in Biophilic Design

-My husband, who is both my toughest client and my greatest love and support

-My absolute obsession with all things beautiful and natural

Client Experiences


Sarah K.

After working with Chelcey, I have personally felt impacts far beyond the walls of our house. Chelcey’s kind, non-judgmental assessment and intuitive, clear suggestions opened my mind and heart to a deeper understanding of how the space in my home connects to my well-being and that of everyone in my family. Our consultation and resulting recommendations ended up being stepping stones to uncovering further places in my life that need attention regarding self-care, time management, and prioritizing. It is hard to find words for what feels like a very positive and enlightening “ripple effect” that began with putting energy into caring for our home in this unique and profound way, but it has extended far beyond the physical spaces. I encourage anyone seeking balance, serenity, or general positive momentum in all parts of life to work with Chelcey!

Angela B.

During our first visit, Chelcey walked slowly around our home, inside and out. She took lots of pictures and expressed a strong, mindful presence as she went from room to room. She asked us of our intentions. Just a few days later, she had a comprehensive overview of our entire home and property. It mostly consisted of suggestions, but also included some provoking questions. Chelcey's suggestions were doable, easy, and inexpensive. With each visit and reevaluation from Chelcey, we gained more knowledge and pride. This process has provided me the gift of creativity and mindfulness. Our overall experience was terrific! Chelcey is knowledgeable, professional, kind, non-judgmental, intuitive and patient. We highly recommend using her services for both home and business energetic revamping!


Mary Ann P.

As my family and I implemented the suggestions in Chelcey's plan, no words even come close to what we felt as it all came together. As things were moved, energy kept shifting and we all became increasingly excited about the livability of the space and how different we all felt (I swear I'm breathing better; I'm taking deeper breaths instead of the shallow ones my doctor is always lecturing me about.) Now we don't just see furniture in a room, we see the yard, the hanging baskets on the deck, the peaceful sunset over the trees. My kids kept saying how huge and comfortable the space feels now. I had no doubt about the necessity of moving things around, but I never would have guessed that it would have produced such, visceral, palpable emotion, or a sense of loft - this elevated my enjoyment of my home to a level I never knew was possible.

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What IS Feng Shui

(and how do you say it?)

Feng Shui is an ancient, Asian, art/science/practice that focuses on the flow of energy through a space or property. Pronounced "Fung Shway," it is literally translated as "wind and water"-no doubt because of the way we can observe the ways that wind and water flow! The Chinese and Japanese regularly consult Feng Shui experts to assist them in building projects...indeed, Feng Shui consultants are considered more important than architects! Here in the West, we are beginning to realize the importance of paying attention to how our spaces are configured, and just how much of an impact our living and working environments have on productivity, health, and happiness.  While it may seem rather "far out" to some Westerners, I find that the approach is often very practical in nature, and when applied, GREAT things happen!

How does a consultation work?

With any of the above services, we'll start with a phone call to go over the basics of your needs and situation, and to schedule an initial consultation.  With the use of easy, modern technology, virtual consultations are more than possible! The initial consultation typically lasts 1.5-2 hours and involves me getting to know more about you and your home. I will take several pictures and we'll most certainly make a few discoveries right off the bat! Following the initial consultation, I'll write up a detailed report which will include explanations and suggestions.  Approximately 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation we'll schedule a follow up meeting to check in about your process and cover any questions or issues you may have. During the 60 days following the initial consult, I'm available to answer texts, phone calls, and emails from you, to offer more in the moment support.

What if I need hands on help?

I'm here for you! Whether it's the actual work of moving your furniture around or obtaining plants, furniture, and/or decor for your staging or vacation rental set up, I'm ready and willing! In most cases, hourly rates will apply, but my intention is to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.

What will it cost?

With each of the services I offer, there are several different levels of potential involvement and depth of consultation. We can discuss your needs in the initial phone call and based on the conversation, I will offer a few different pricing options for you. Work Space Consultations are typically less than Home Consultations and start at $199. Home Consultations typically start at $299. My hourly rate is $45/hour.

HOME: Contact

Contact Me

I reside in both Bar Harbor, Maine and Richmond, Virginia. I serve most of New England and the Virginia/Washington D.C area. Virtual consultations are also a great option!


Thanks for submitting!

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